According to the Times Union this morning, (Tuesday, 5/26), this is looking like a done deal.  Charter Communications is buying Time Warner Cable.  Big deal or not?

I'm not really sure WHAT something like this means for consumers, but one company just spent $55 BILLION dollars to purchase another, that's all I know.

The first merger with Comcast they say would have really hurt online video, as they would have controlled more than half of the country's broadband subscribers, and that would be a monopoly.

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I guess this combination doesn't raise enough of a red flag.


Hey - I'll speak for everyone, OK?  Here's all we care about - our bill!  Will it go down?  Will it stay the same but give us more for our money?  Will they confiscate all of our DVRs and replace them the same thing - just a different logo?  Will this stop the bleeding of people trying to "cut the cable"?   I guess time will tell.  What do YOU think the effect will be?