Busch beer wants you to be able to have a brew with man's best friend. They have launched a "beer" that is safe for your pooch to drink. Here's how to get your paws on it. According to FoxNews.com, there is a new brew for dogs that Busch Beer has introduced. Rest assured, it does not contain any alcohol and is safe for your furry friend.

Busch Dog Brew is non-alcoholic and made from a bone broth. The brew has a lot of nutrients and a flavor that dogs love. Plus it's safe for humans to consume too. The "beer" is made from bone-in pork butt, celery, basil, whole corn, mint, ginger, and turmeric. Dog owners can either pour it over their food to soften hard food or served as a drink for your pooch to lap up.

Busch is also helping out the Best Friends Animal Society. They are donating one dollar from each case of six four-packs up to fifty thousand dollars. The four-packs sell for $9.99 and it's not available in stores. There is such high demand, they are sold out for now. They are encouraging you to be part of a waitlist to get your paws on the second batch. To get on the list and get your own Dog Brew, click HERE. There is also a variety of gear available for purchase.

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