Before their amazing set on the Dierks Bentley Mountain High Tour, TJ and John Osborne sat down with me to talk about their Mom, politics, John's trick to not post the wrong thing on Twitter & two parts of their song "Weed, Whiskey, and Willie."

I'm a huge fan of Brothers Osborne. I have such a respect for John's guitar skills, the low notes that TJ can hit, and how close they are with their family (among other things). I couldn't wait to pick their brain for a few minutes. Though my dreams of singing Grease "Summer Nights" as a duet or trio with them were crushed, which I totally understood, having a few minutes with the Brothers definitely was a highlight moment for me.

Self-described "open books," both John and TJ of Brothers Osborne were so interesting and had such great opinions on politics on social media, why it's important to share their views, and why fart jokes can be very important.

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