Brigid Mack has a huge heart and big ideas!  The 7th grader from Wynantskill approached her school administrators about painting a small room at the school where some of the students who are on the autism spectrum could go to feel safe.

Brigid's brother Coper has autism and she has learned that by painting a room blue and adding comforting elements, it can help her younger brother Cooper.

Principal Mary Yodis agreed that a calming place could be very helpful for many students.  So she gave Brigid the green light.

Brigid designed the room and raised money to furnish it stuff like bean bag chair and a cardboard spaceship that students can climb into.

The district's Buildings and Grounds department painted the room for her.

And now it serves as a place where students who need it can go and collect their thoughts and emotions.  Once they are ready, they can return to class.

Brigid is quite the young lady.  She raises money for autism awareness and is a Girl Scout.  Click here to read more about her!

From Flickr user BLW Photography
From Flickr user BLW Photography

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