Brett Eldredge's 'Beat of the Music' lyrics (from his album 'Bring You Back') describe a beautiful girl that he met while in Mexico, and it's actually based on a real life experience -- well, sort of.

Before hopping onstage at the Grand Ole Opry, Eldredge sat down and talked about the inspiration for the song for their Story Behind the Song series.

"'Beat of the Music' came about when I was on a trip in the Bahamas a couple years ago," he recalls. "[My brother and I] are riding toward the island and see a beautiful girl in the back of this giant yacht."

This is the part where fact is replaced by fiction in the song. Eldredge continues, "As soon as we get really close to the boat, these two scary guys pop up out of the boat like, 'You're not coming any any closer.'"

That didn't deter the singer from dreaming up the kind of story that he wanted to be true, and it definitely didn't include being barricaded from a beautiful girl. He admits, "I looked at my brother; I said, 'The beautiful thing about songwriting is I can make it end however I want.'" So he did.

When the 'Do Ya' hitmaker got back from the trip, he was deeply inspired to write a song featuring the gorgeous scenery of the Bahamas ... and the gorgeous view of that beautiful gal.

Eldredge met up with songwriters Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan, and they all began grooving together, dreaming up 'Beat of the Music' -- a feel-good, catchy and oh-so-summery hit. The music video for the song was filmed in Staniel Cay in the Bahamas, re-writing Eldredge's experience with the elusive girl to replay positively in his favor.

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