Brandy Clark is one of the CMT's Next Women of Country, and she's got a great song called "Girl Next Door" and in it she drops a pretty famous name.  She says, "Sorry I ain't sorry that I ain't your Marcia Brady."

Well, the real Marcia Brady, Maureen McCormick has become a big fan.  Her Twitter page has photos of them hanging out, and she even called Brandy a musical genius after seeing her show earlier this month.

The real Marcia Brady even tweeted that she's not even a "Marcia Brady" - meaning that not everything comes as easy to her as it seemed to on the Brady Bunch.

If you're not a Marcia Brady, and heaven knows I'm not!  Then you'll probably love Brandy's set at the Next Women of Country show featuring Jennifer Nettles this Friday night.

And if you're into Brandy Clark, and heaven knows I am!  You'll want to sign up for our Concert in a Cubicle!  Brandy and 'GNA will come to your office on Friday and set up a live acoustic concert for you and your coworkers to enjoy!

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Courtesy of Idea Den