Back in May, I had the privilege of meeting one of the not only talented but nicest artists in country music. Brad Paisley was getting ready to kick off his tour in Saratoga and Jenn and I were able to hang out at his rehearsal. We asked Brad for something special and he was more than happy to help. As you may know, Jenn's sister Nikki just got married over the weekend. She is a huge country music fan. So when we met Brad in May we asked for a favor. His latest song, Today, is a beautiful song about hanging on to a moment and making a lifetime together. We told Brad that we were going to incorporate that song into Jenn's Maid of Honor speech at her sister's wedding.

He was really taken back that we were going to use it and we asked if he would congratulate the couple. What he did next was so cool, we knew we had to put this video in the speech as well.

Here was Brad Paisley's advice for the happy couple.

I had been sitting on this video since May and since the wedding was finally this past weekend, I am able to share it with you. By the way, it was a big hit and the talk of the wedding.

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