I took a tour of a brand new area coming to the Capital Region and am so excited that with each day, they're announcing something new. Today, Bountiful Bread announced they will adding a new location and joining the up and coming new 518 hotspot.

I mentioned a week ago the Frog Alley Brewing was coming to Schenectady as part of the new Mill Artisan District and we now have a new announcement with the addition of Bountiful Bread! The Daily Gazette reported that this new Bountiful Bread location will not only serve the food made famous in Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany but they will be making baked goods on the spot, have a pastry production space as well as utilize the nearby Schenectady Community College for learning opportunities.

Bountiful Bread will be joining an apartment space, Frog Alley Brewing, as well as a yet to be announced wood-fired pizza and barbecue restaurants. No word on when we can expect the opening.

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