I don't follow football. Nothing against the sport, I'll watch it, it's just not what interests me in my free time, until I saw this adorable video of a Boise State football staff member getting a ton of attention.

Most teams have a human staff member retrieve the tee but the Boise State Broncos have decided to use a professional retriever. Eli and Cecil are both pudelpointers from Cedarwood Kennels who take on the role of Zee, the kick-off specialist. The Broncos had a black lab named Kicks and they didn't have another dog take his place after his retirement in 1998 until Zee in 2010, according to Deseret Sports News.

The dog's job is to run out, retrieve the tee, and return it. They don't allow the dog to watch the actual kick-off because then the dog would want to chase after the ball instead of doing his job getting the tee.

This is brilliant! I was hoping we could do this locally. I know Coach Gattuso of UAlbany football has a beautiful Great Dane puppy named Blitz, how cute would it be to have Blitz go out and get the tee? (Note: this is a very early picture of Blitz, but how cute is he?)


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