This is fun! According to the Albany Business Review , Mohawk Commons in Niskayuna. It's called, Blaze Pizza and it has been quite successful since its first franchise opened in 2012, a few years later they are close to over 100 and growing faster than it takes them to make the pizza.

Stock Photo, Getty Images
Stock Photo, Getty Images

The concept seems to fit very well with today's millennial crowd. The customer has all the control as the work their way down a pizza assembly line and custom pick what goes on their pizza. When they are through choosing exactly the pizza they want it goes into a fast fire (open flame) oven and is ready in three minutes.

According to the Michael DeMasi article construction will start this month and the opening is expected to be in September. It goes on to say that the franchise owners who are based in New York City plan on opening more restaurants within the Capital Region.

If you are thinking this sounds like a sure FIRE hit, you have comany the chain has quite a few celebrity investors like  LeBron James, Maria Shriver, Boston Red Sox co-owner Tom Werner and movie producer John Davis.

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