It seems like everyone has a favorite song on Taylor Swift's whimsical new album Folklore — even Blake Shelton.

The Voice star answered the beck and call of his Twitter followers on Wednesday (July 29) — fans had been asking him what his favorite track on Swift's new album is, and he was sure in his response.

It's "Betty," the song Swift has pushed to country radio after the surprise release of her album earlier this month, and Shelton has some sound reasoning behind his decision.

"I like 'Betty' the best off Folklore.. 3 reasons. It’s pretty country, it’s my dogs name. AND it drops the F bomb. Triple threat," he writes via Twitter. Many of his followers also shared their appreciation for the song, along with photos of their own dogs named Betty.

This isn't the first time Shelton has praised the superstar — he may even consider her a friend. Swift served as a Mega Mentor during Season 17 of The Voice, drawing rave reviews from Shelton about her insight and depth of knowledge of the music industry.

"We all know how talented Taylor is, but I think 50 percent of her success is also combining her talent with just literally how smart she is," he stated during a Voice panel in Nashville in 2019. "Every time I'm around her, I love just kind of soaking it in and listening to her talk and how she always has something to say or way of looking at something that I never have thought that way."

"Betty" completes a three-song arc on Swift's Folklore, alongside "August" and the widely popular "Cardigan."

Shelton has also been riding high with his own musical success in 2020. Months after he and Gwen Stefani's duet "Nobody But You" topped the country charts, the couple released another collaboration with "Happy Anywhere," which currently sits in the Top 5 on the iTunes all-genre chart.

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