This is the first in the Capital Region that I've heard of anyways.  I must admit, I don't fully understand or comprehend what exactly Bitcoin is or even how to get it, but a local car dealership is all in on the cryptocurrency and says they'll take it as payment if you'd like to buy a car.

The car dealership is Michael's Auto Plaza in East Greensbush according to New 10 ABC. Michael Severance, Sales Manager at Michael’s Auto Plaza, told the news station you can use Bitcoin to purchase a car.

Good luck getting your hands on it! Bitcoin is "mined" on the internet, and can't exactly be seen, touched, or felt.  When I first heard about Bitcoin a few years ago, I was under the impression that people used it to buy drugs and perform other illegal activities online.  For now, there is at least one place in the Capital Region where you can buy a car.  Boy how times have changed...I think.

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