I have to tell you I really loved all the acts at the Taste Of Country Music Festival this year, but there was one artist I couldn't wait to meet and interview, Billy Currington. It's one of those weird things, every once in a while there is an artist who for whatever reason you never get a chance to meet or interview and Billy has been one of those artist who I have not crossed paths with before. I've seen his show but not gotten a chance to sit down and talk with him. That is why I kind of hijacked Brother Lou and Heather's interview on Saturday at the Festival.

I have to tell you he was exactly what I imagined he would be, nice really laid back, warm and friendly. Maybe it's the surfer in him, but even though I didn't hear any "Dudes" come out of his mouth you could sort of imagine a little "Spicoli" or Keanu in there.

We asked about his home state of Hawaii, his new album and future plans, if you missed the interview on the air here is another chance to meet Billy Currington.