This past winter is unlike any other. But in one upstate New York town – it's unlike any winter EVER.  Yes - 21 FEET of snow has amassed in Copenhagen, NY. 

According to the Times Union and,   there is a guy who lives in Copenhagen New York who swears that 21 feet of snow has fallen this season,  more than anywhere in the entire country.  And I guess his statement has been documented as fact!

Snowstorm Hits Buffalo
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Copenhagen is in the Tug Hill plateau, and that always gets alot due to it's proximity with the lakes.

He still has over 40 inches of snow on the ground as we speak. Bill is a weather checker for the local TV station.  He said on Jan 10th alone he got almost that same amount in one day.

I have scoured the internet to find a picture from Copenhagen, but have yet to discover one.  If anyone has a relative or friend who lives out there,  it would be great to share some photos with us.

What a winter!  Congratulations (I mean, condolences) Copenhagen.

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