A black bear was seen strolling Montgomery County

On Monday afternoon a man in Amsterdam, NY posted a picture of a large, black bear casually strolling through Montgomery County while asking people in the area if they also saw this meandering mammal.

"Have you seen this bear? I ask because he just ran behind the Dominos and is now in the library parking lot," Kevin Michael Richards wrote on his Facebook page.

The large bear was seen roaming around Montgomery County earlier in the week Photo: Facebook
The large bear was seen roaming around Montgomery County earlier in the week Photo: Facebook

The Dominos Richards was referring to sits at 43 Market Street, and the library is at 28 Church Street.

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Where was it seen?

It's not often an eyewitness can say they saw a bear on the prowl for pizza, then paperback books, but that's what the Amsterdam native says he witnessed.

Almost immediately, Richard's Facebook page had a bunch of comments from people who also saw this big boy and, and from others who just wanted to have fun with the circumstances, even alluding to a popular movie about a bear on the prowl for some "nose candy".

More Bear Reaction: Facebook
More Bear Reaction: Facebook
Bear Reaction: Facebook

According to News 10 ABC, the bear was first seen in a residential neighborhood, then according to the report, it galivanted towards Lynch Middle School as parents were dropping their kids off at school.

The DEC has tips to reduce human/bear conflicts here and Albany Police are asking anyone who observes the bear to call 518-438-4000.

While it's not terribly uncommon for these animals to roam through residential neighborhoods searching for some food or a comfortable place to rest on their way back to the forest, Amsterdam sightings over the years have been few and far between.

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