The recent move of Countryfest to the Times Union Center from Altamont Fairgrounds has some people pointing out the negatives, but there's a larger group of people looking at the positives.

In addition to having a 'seat' and not battling extremely hot or wet temperatures to see your favorite singers, improved security and accessibility are at the top of the 'positive' list.  If you know someone who has a disability, you know how difficult and frustrating a day at Countryfest can become. Whether it's an older relative who has trouble moving without assistance, a young child who has mobility problems, or a wounded warrior coming home to enjoy the show, there's no doubt that this new location will give them a better experience.

While people without disabilities can easily bump and shove their way through a crowd, it's much more difficult for someone who has a mobile disability to navigate on uneven grass and dirt.  In addition to convenient handicap parking, the Times Union Center makes it much easier for wheelchair users and mobility-impaired patrons.

Times Union Center accessibility Information:

One exterior access ramp at the southeast corner (South Pearl and Hudson Streets) affords access to the All Star Wine & Spirits Box Office at Times Union Center and exterior elevator, which travels between the Center and concourse levels. Wheelchair users and mobility-impaired should use this elevator to enter and exit. The Beaver Street entrance to the Center atrium is at ground level, providing access to the box office and exterior elevator. One box office window has been designated for wheelchair users. All telephones and drinking fountains are also designated for wheelchair users.

You may purchase handicapped-accessible seating in person at the All Star Wine & Spirits Box Office at Times Union Center during normal business hours or by calling toll-free (866) 308-3394.

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