When I saw Garth Brooks at the TU Center, I watched him look through the crowd while he was performing and tried to read every sign that people held up. So when I saw this story about a girl's sign in Illinois, I wasn't surprised he called her out.Katie was in the crowd at a Garth show in Champaign, Illinois with her homemade sign that read, "Gonna be late to prom, GARTH comes first!". Being the amazing guy that Garth is, he called her out and asked if she had a date to her prom. When she said no, he told her that she should still go to her prom. If she isn't having a good time, he asked her to come back for the later show and she could launch the confetti canons from the stage.

She later returned to the show in full prom gown and Garth kept his promise. During "Friends In Low Places", she literally had a blast.

It's amazing to me how accommodating and in tune Garth Brooks is with his fans. I witnessed it first hand when he came to Albany, and this story just solidifies what a great person he is who cares for his fans.


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