I came across an article on the "Times Union" website about a professional beer pong tournament. It actually sounds like a lot of fun if you want to do it, it's at "Jillian's" tonight. The thing that stands our for me though is, there is no beer involved.

To be fair it's called the "World Pong Tour" , not "The Beer pong tour. I also, do not think anyone wants to see someone pass out or get alcohol poisoning because they were in too many rounds and a few of their matches went into some sort of overtime.  Yes, I know there is no overtime in beer pong, but you get my point.

With that said, isn't drinking the beer what makes it more difficult? Especially heading into the finals. I think in some ways it would be more and more fun as the night went on. In fact, what if we added a little chugging of the beer to more sporting events? I could just see Tiger trying to drain that last 6 footer to win the "Masters" after shots at each hole. How about watching Kobe try to hit a three pointer to win the game if he was chugging drafts after each free throw. Good times.

Now I am not advocating celebrating public intoxication or alcohol abuse, I'm just saying that if done with a sense of responsibility, a little beer can make anything a bit more fun. After all it was the great Ben Franklin who said "Beer is God's way of telling us he loves us and wants us to be happy".