Learning about the various kinds of beer, tasting them, knowing the differences- I love beer. So anytime there's a headline that has the words "beer" and "Capital Region" in it, I need to know what's going on.

This year, the Erie Canal is celebrating its 200th year and what's the best way to celebrate? With beer! 200 years old and still a great way to transport goods around the area. Last Friday, you may have noticed huge beer barges floating through the Capital Region starting in Albany and today they'll be passing through Schenectady.

According to News 10 ABC, you can't miss the 60 ft by 20 ft tank, which holds up to 2000 tanks of beer headed to the Genesee Brewery in Rochester.

Today, the barges are moving to Niskayuna, Scotia (they were already spotted here around 7:00AM), Rotterdam Junction/Glenville, Cranesville, Amsterdam, then Tribes Hill. Tomorrow, the barges begin in Tribes Hill before they move to to Randall, Canajoharie, Fort Plain then to Mindenville before they finally arrive in Rochester on May 30th.

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