I think I've done karaoke twice in my lifetime and once was probably well before I discovered I was not destined for a singing career and the second, was with Billy Currington's band after Countryfest 2008 (what girl wouldn't have done that).   However, a few weeks ago, my fourth week co-hosting bandeoke down at Savannahs in Albany, I was "easily" persuaded to get up and sing with  the Ruddys.  Bandeoke just looked like it was so much fun and guess what -- it was!  Despite missing a few words and a lot of notes (I'm sure), I've never had so much fun.

The Ruddy's are the house band and know over 500 songs.  Since WGNA has been on board, they have purposely learned an array of country songs for our country listeners to come down and sing.  And the best part, if you need some adult beverages to help you get up on stage, Savannahs has over 58 fine crafted brews.  You have words, just like normal karaoke, but instead of a dj, you have your own band playing along with you and supporting you!

What would be a better night to gear up for New Year's Eve than to come down to Savannah's tonight for dinner, drinks, dancing and/or maybe a little bandeoke.  Or if you have wanted to come down and try bandeoke, but typically have work the next morning, this week would be perfect -- no work tomorrow!

Do you want another incentive? There's a $1,000 prize in the end of January for the best bandeoke-er.  So, if you win tonight, you get to come back for the finals to try and be deemed the best.  Hopefully I'll see you tonight!