It's back to school time and I am always looking for advice to make our mornings a little bit easier. So I searched for suggestions of when my six year old should be in bed on a school night. I found a very helpful chart that I think can help all parents. Let me start off by saying that we all know our own kids, and this chart I found should act as a guideline. Speaking for myself, we have been extremely lax this summer when it came to getting Ryan to bed. It was especially difficult when we were in Buffalo and we spent a lot of time in Buffalo. Some nights Ryan would be up with his cousin and Uncle Joey until 1am. Oh well it was the summer.

Now the challenge is to get him to bed by, according to the chart, 7:30pm. Here's wishing all of us luck no matter what your child's age is. Our house hopes to achieve the 7:30pm bedtime by February or March.

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