The video for Darius Rucker's version of "Wagon Wheel is out and I absolutely LOVE it. Watching it just makes me more and more anxious for Countryfest! Darius is just a great guy and a super talented singer. If you love great scenery, great directing, cameos, and especially great country music, you will love this one as well.

The video, really seems to capture the feel of the song and I think the inclusion of the guys from "Duck Dynasty" really tops that off.

This song is not without it's little bit of controversy though, it seems that there are a few fans of the "Old Crow Medicine Show", the originators of the song, who think that Darius somehow "stole" the song. They get very upset when anyone says things like "what a great new song", or "finally some real country music". I can understand that as a fan of the "OCMS" you might wish the song had this much exposure when they first did the song as well. But really folks, do you really think they are upset if Darius has a hit with it? NO!

The growing popularity of Darius' version only bring more attention to the song and fans of it that it may nor have had before. Trust me they are happy about Darius' version and even performed the song with him at the Grand Ole Opry.

SO to be completely fair I'd love for you to see both versions of the song and do hope you enjoy them both. I really believe Darius' vocals were made for this song and he more than does it justice , he shows utmost respect for it.

Here is Darius Rucker's "Wagon Wheel"

And now please enjoy a great band, Old Crow Medicine Show with "Wagon Wheel"