If you saw "Avengers: Endgame," then you may be interested to know that they filmed parts of those movies not too far from here.

If you follow the movie backstory closely, then you may know that the Avengers moved their headquarters from New York City to an "undisclosed Upstate New York" location. Apparently, though, that wasn't just in the movies, they did it for filming too, according to New York Upstate.


When you see the movie, keep an eye out for Mills Mansion in Staatsburg in the Hudson Valley. Is it "technically" Upstate New York? Not according to us, but it's a lot more Upstate New York than previous Marvel movies. While they were filming, the movie was called "Mary Lou Part 2″ to keep the identity of the film a secret. It was supposedly chosen for its "unique sightlines and terrain of the grounds.”

They brought in IMAX cameras for sweeping footage for a "battlefield" scene. The only disappointment is that none of the main cast members were nearby, rather in Atlanta filming in front of a green screen.

Did you just miss the likes of Captain America and Iron Man? No, but if you want to feel like a real Avenger, visiting scenes from the movie isn't too far away!

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