John Regan, an attempted kidnapper and alleged rapist, has gotten out early from his prison sentence in Dannemora and will now apparently be living in Saratoga.

John Regan drove from Connecticut to Saratoga Springs on Halloween in 2005 and tried to kidnap a Saratoga Springs High School student from the cross country team running by, by throwing her in his van. Thankfully, that was the last crime he committed before he was caught with tarps, ropes, and a shovel.

Regan was first on the police radar back in 1993 when he broke into a woman's house masked in Connecticut, put a gun to her head, tied her up, and sexually assaulted her. The police in the area messed up the investigation and according to WNYT, they even accused the victim of making it up! Regan was finally caught in 2004 after a DNA match but after the statute of limitations, he couldn't be prosecuted for more than a kidnapping so he was released on bail.

Regan pleaded guilty to attempted kidnapping and understood that he would have to serve 12 years in a New York prison and then serve a 3 year sentence in Connecticut for his other crime but there was a loophole. Now, Regan is getting out early from Dannemora (on October 27th) and will be a free man.

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