This is horrible, and I don't want to put the whammy on the dangers of becoming an Uber driver.  I know that they may be coming to the Capital Region, and I don't want to get into THAT discussion here.  But this is so disturbing to watch, and just shows the dangers taxi drivers face every day (not for kids to see) 

According to, this alleged Taco Bell executive allegedly attacked an alleged Uber driver (I want to protect myself here). This guy from Orange County California was arrested after being captured on a dash cam.  He repeatedly hit Edward Caban, a Uber driver in the face and pulled his hair.  He was apparently getting extremely belligerent, and you can watch it right here.

You just don't realize how frequently taxi drivers of all kinds put themselves in potential danger - and it can completely come out "left field", like this incident.

I sure wouldn't want to do that for a living.  Thank God he had something on him to protect himself or who knows what would have happened.   Terrible, huh?

I do know that he was arrested, and the driver quit his job. Can't blame him!

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