Doug Kimball, aka Golden Years Doug, from Schenectady is a GNA listener, huge source of inspiration, and a friend to all of us here at the radio station.  I'm asking you a small favor.  It will only take a few moments (won't cost you anything) and I can assure you it will mean the world to me and our buddy Doug, who is in the fight of his life.

You may remember Doug's story; he randomly called into called into our show one September morning to share with us his unique perspective on how he lives his life knowing that he may not have too much longer to live.  His message was a simple yet profound one, an invaluable piece of wisdom that could only come from someone unsure of how much longer they have to live.  "Your golden years", he explained "Are NOW....enjoy them and live each day like they're your last."  From that moment on, we've affectionately refered to him as Golden Years Doug.  The other day, Golden Years sent me a text and it was not good news.  While this tough son of a gun has already outlived his doctor's original diagnosis, he was recently told they found cancer in his lungs on top of the lung disease he already had been diagnosed with. My heart almost stopped...Chrissy, Jess and I were crushed. Doug was beside himself, and after he drowned his sorrows in 15 rum and Coke's, he explained to me that he's a fighter and plans to go to war and fight like hell till he can't do it anymore.

When Doug and I spoke on the phone two nights ago, he told me how much it meant to him that GNA listeners who have heard his story reached out to him and sent him their prayers, well wishes, love, support, and simply...friendship. I know that it would mean the world to him if you reached out on Instagram and did the same. His name is 'goldenyears_doug' or just leave him a message of support on our Facebook page and we'll make sure he sees it.

Thank and God Bless





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