More measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus could be on the way.

I know what you are thinking, and I am right there with ya. We are all just so fatigued from the pandemic, and the thought of more restrictions and guidelines is even more tiring. But here we are, 8 months in, and it seems like it is time to dig our heels in again to fight this thing.

After announcing a new 10pm curfew for bars, restaurants and gyms earlier this week along with a cap of 10 people on gatherings in a private residence, a New York Upstate report says Governor Cuomo alluded to additional "steps" having to eventually be taken. The Governor is planning on collaborating with our neighboring states on any possible guidelines. NYUP reported the Governor said we are basically in wait and see mode to see if the new guidelines already put into place move the COVID meter back in the right direction.

The silver lining through all of this is we are not in a shutdown mode yet, and hopefully, these smaller measures will help reverse the trend of rising COVID cases. If this was last spring, I think at this point we would have been shut down. But, with the knowledge-base we now have on this virus I would imagine we will first see these targeted guidelines exhausted in efforts to get infection rates back down. I think the last thing anyone wants is a full shutdown again. So let's get this done and keep New York open!

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