Chrissy, Jess and I have been here at GNA for over a year now and the one question people as ask us all the time remains “So how are you guys liking the switch?” The ‘switch’ referring to our move from pop to country radio.  It’s a fair question and one that we honestly love answering.

First off, let me just say that you -the listeners we have met - you’re all just so real.  Many of you die-hard GNA fans were probably a little skeptical of the show when we first started, and we get that.  But we feel like we’ve become more and more comfortable here at GNA because you’ve accepted that we needed a little time to grow.  It would have been easy to dismiss us just because we came from ‘the pop station’ and that’s ok.  But many of you didn’t and we appreciate that. We’re incredibly thankful to those who followed us over here,  those of you unfamiliar with our show who have given us a fair chance, as well those who told us (and still tell us) we need to get better.  It’s all good.  Because it’s all honest – and real.

Just yesterday at our most recent Hometown Hello Tour in the town of Brunswick we met a hard working single mom of 3 boys (one of her sons faces behavioral challenges), a full-time farmer who also serves as a town supervisor, two teenage students from Tamarac who truly may have been some of the coolest kids you’ll ever meet, a bunch of truck drivers, teachers, hair stylists, stay at home moms, electricians, cops and more.   All very different backgrounds, ages, and stories who told us their story and a little bit about themselves.  When we get out and about in the community and at shows, it never ceases to amaze us how awesome GNA Nation really is.

So, how are we liking the switch?  It’s a no-brainer, we honestly love it!

Hometown Hello Listener Pics



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