Have you ever wanted a reading from a psychic medium? Here's another chance for you to connect with the other side with Intuitive Medium Deborah through Brian and Chrissy. For years, Brian and Chrissy and the Capital Region have been wowed by Intuitive Medium Deborah Hanlon. She has the ability to connect with loved ones who have passed and help bring closure and comfort to many. If you would like a chance to have a reading over the phone here's what we need from you.

Please email mornings@wgna.com. Here are a few things to include.

  • NAME
  • AGE
  • PHONE NUMBER (a few different ones to contact you Tuesday morning or early afternoon)
  • WHO YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONNECT WITH (no name needed, just the relationship you have to them and briefly why you would want to connect).
  • INTUITIVE QUESTION (about your life path or missing item)

**The readings will take place after 9:30am on Wednesday 1/16/19.**

Intuitive Medium Deborah returns to the Capital Region on Wednesday January 23rd at the Cohoes Music Hall for "In the Presence of Proof" gallery. For details, tickets and information click HERE.

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