If you follow my blog, you know I LOVE burgers. And it looks like another burger chain could be opening some locations soon in the Capital Region!

According to the Albany Business Review, Texas based Mooyah Burgers, Fries & Shakes is looking to open about 15 locations in the Albany, Schenectady and Troy area. The folks at Mooyah must have noticed how much we love our burgers here in the region, as we have several burger chains in the area. BurgerFi, Smash Burger, Juicy Burger, Five Guys - it's a long list!


So what may set Mooyah apart from the others? According to the article, it is a 'family centric chain with booth seating' which may be a little bit of a different approach than the others guys.

But what it really comes down to is the food. There are currently some Mooyah locations not too far away in Hartford, CT area. Here are a couple reviews from Yelp:

"Better than 5 guys and BurgerFI as far as burgers go. They offer numerous toppings for no extra charge unlike 5 guys so you're looking at a cheaper option. Look forward to going back."  - Austin W. (Conventry, CT)

"The tuesday deal is buy one get one free, which is super cheap. I highly recommend choosing sweet potato fries (they're good) over the french fries (they're bad). They basically dump fries into your bag if you get it to-go. The burgers we all got were tasty. I would definitely want to come again on a Tuesday.) - Derek M. (San Francisco, CA)

"MOOYA FOR TWO YA is the best. We ran errands around here this morning and decided to come here for lunch. The staff members are friendly and the place is clean and welcoming. The burgers were awesome, not too oily like other places but not to dry either. One thing I didn't like about it is that they don't have fresh cucumbers. When I told them I wanted cucumbers they didn't bother letting me know and substituted that with pickles... And I hate pickles...:/ " - Lucy L. (West Hartford, CT)

We will have to judge for ourselves when Mooyah opens here, and if you know me - I will be the first in line to try it out! You can see Mooyah's menu here.