First, there was a bear in Albany’s South End, then in Schenectady in the Front Street area, now there was one spotted on Lincoln Terrace in Rensselaer on Tuesday morning. 

Bear In Rensselaer

In a story that I read in the Times Union, the bear was seen in the backyard of a man that was eating breakfast with his daughter. She’s the one who spotted it. They called Rensselaer Police. When the emergency crews arrived, the bear had moved on and back into the woods.

The Doane Stuart School, which is located near where the bear was, had sent some extra adults outside to watch for the bear, for the safety of the students and teachers. The school also has a nature trail that was right the bear where the bear was spotted.

The bears that were in Albany and Schenectady had both been released back into the woods. I wonder if, or when, we’ll see another bear head into a very populated area?


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