I feel really bad criticizing a 6 year old.  My distain is really aimed at a network television show that should know better than to exploit a little kid all in the name of trying to shock viewers and create YouTube hits.  See video clip below

No, I'm not becoming an "old fuddy-duddy".  I like all kinds of music, and enjoy and appreciate all kinds of talent.  You would think that "America's Got TALENT" would be showing us the world's best, especially now that they are down to finalists.

But this is what they showed last nite.  Two little kids -Aaralyn and Izzy, singing an original song called "Doggie Poop". Say no more, say no more.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Are you laughing or cringing?  Would you cringe even more if I told you that the first time these kids were on the show (wait for it) , they got almost 15 MILLION hits on YouTube!!!!!!.  (Sorry, but that deserved 5 exclamation points)

I just think it's horrible on a TALENT show to turn it into a "Gong" show at the expense of little kids who probably HONESTLY think that they are displaying a talent.  What say YOU?

Now that I've said my peace, please leave YOUR comments below