I heard a rumor that Albany had really stepped up it's Jesus Mobile game, but even though I live just a few blocks from where it's normally spotted, I had yet to see it.  Luckily, someone I know spotted it and snapped a few pics for me knowing full well that GNA Nation had to see the VW Bug turning Albany residents upside down.

My girlfriend Samantha was fortunate enough to spot it the other day on Central Ave in Albany (near the 400 block). After doing a double take, she turned back around and snapped a few photos.  Clearly she wasn't alone as many people she told me, got out of their cars to take a few pics of the Jesus-Inspired vehicle that is becoming quite the attraction, turning heads both around and upside down.

I'm not even sure how you'd drive that thing or if you actually could.  They do, however,  have it clearly marked for height (9.5 feet) in case you're taking it under a bridge while spreading some Jesus-lovin' vibes.

jesus mobile 1


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