A couple warm spring days has me thinking summer, and it looks like it's going to be hotter than normal.

Days like today are the ones we have been yearning for, right? 70 degrees and Sunny! Well, it looks like you will get your wish and then some this summer.

According to the latest National Weather Service Summer Weather Outlook for the Northeast, Upstate New York has a 40% chance of a hotter than normal summer. And let's face it, it can already be pretty hot here. Here is their latest weather model.

It actually looks like most of the country will see a warmer weather pattern this summer. Based on the extreme weather we have had in the Winter and Spring this seems pretty believable. It's been snowier than normal, colder than normal and it would only make sense Mother Nature will roll with hotter than normal this summer! This should make for plenty of great summer weather for all those great shows at SPAC, right?>


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