We have had a pretty quiet January so far when it comes to snow, and it looks like that trend will shift a bit early next week.

Is it me or winter 2020-21 is starting to feel a lot like winter 2019-20? Both years we kicked off the season with a HUGE snowstorm in December, followed by pretty much less than average, underwhelming snowfall. Well, maybe next week we will start playing a little catch-up.

According to the Weather Channel, snow is tracking towards the Northeast and Upstate New York with the potential for accumulating snow Monday night into Tuesday. This storm will first pass through the midwest before reaching the Northeast, and potential snowfall amounts will become more clearly refined this weekend. The Weather Channel does say areas east of the great lakes could see some heavy snowfall amounts and do include some ballpark snowfall totals for the region. At this point in the Albany area, we are probably looking at potentially a few inches of snow.

Even with this snow on the way next week, our extended Weather Channel 10 day forecast is still looking pretty quiet and it feels like we could be trending toward another quiet winter when it comes to total snowfall. Much to my kids' disappointment, and probably yours, this is just not acceptable! According to the National Weather Service (NWS), our average snowfall for a full winter is just over 60 inches. NWS says last year we had almost 50 inches, but most of that came in that one big December storm and not a whole bunch of smaller ones. With just over half the winter to go, we'll have to see if this winter ends up following that same trend.

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