This will certainly be a little bit of a bummer for the winter sports crowd.

Just as winter got rocking with some good snow before Christmas and over New Year's weekend, we could be in for some warmer than normal temperatures.

The Weather Channel is forecasting "much warmer than average" temps in January for the Northeastern United States. So what are the normal temps for Albany? Our highs are normally around 30 degrees and lows average 15 degrees according to the National Weather Service.

While it will still feel like winter over the next few weeks, the Weather Channel Forecast is calling for a good stretch of days in the mid to high 30's and low 40's in their extended forecast. Not spring-like, but not ideal for snow either should some precipitation make it's way to Upstate New York.

Just like any forecast, a lot could change over the next couple of weeks and we could get a blast of super cold air and snow. This is Upstate New York, and if we have learned anything about the weather here, it can be tough to predict. That said, if we do end up with milder temperatures this month, this winter is starting to feel like last winter. Last year, we got a great blast of snow to kick off the season, and then it was pretty mild the rest of the season and underwhelming as far as snow.. I just hope Old Man Winter gets grumpy again and give us some snow this year. While too much snow is a burden, it just doesn't feel like winter when we have a long stretch without any.

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