The weather is finally getting warmer and you may want to hit some of the trails in the Adirondacks. Just be careful, the State Department of Environmental Conservation is sending out a warning to all hikers.The temperatures are climbing and if you plan on it too, be aware of some warnings on the higher peaks of the Adirondacks. It's not so much for your safety, but the preservation of the trails and vegetation along them.

Hikers are being asked to not climb elevations higher than 2500 feet. The snow is melting and the trails are becoming muddy. Steep trails with thin dirt may turn into an ice and mud mix making the trails slippery and then creating more erosion by hikers.

If you plan on taking mom for a hike this weekend, make sure you know where it's safe to hike both for you and the environment. For a complete list of the trails that the State DEC wants hikers to avoid and ones they recommend, please click here.

Will you be taking a hike this weekend?


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