The movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens is only 2 months away and people are going absolutely crazy with speculations on plot twists. The biggest one is a theory that Luke Skywalker is actually the BAD GUY in this film and that he is actually the character "Kylo Ren" A concept that I have repeatedly said was absurd, but now maybe I am not so sure.

It appears that while I could not imagine a Luke Skywalker that turns to the dark side the gut who plays him, Mark Hammill is all about it. In 2005 Mark was on a show called "Dinner for Five" created and hosted by Jon Favreau , though he does not host this particular show. In this episode guest host Kevin Smith sits down to dinner with Jason Lee, Stan Lee, Mark Hamill and J.J. Abrams. The entire episode is really interesting but there is one specific part where Kevin asks Mark Hamill about Star Wars where it gets very interesting especially since watching very intently is J.J. Abrams who would eventually direct the latest Star Wars installment. Keep in mind this was recorded WAY before J.J. had any idea he would be doing Star Wars and even before Mark knew there would be another and he would be in it.

Now I'm not saying that Mark is going to get his way and Luke will actually turn to the dark side, but this video sure does make a very good argument that the idea was kicked around a bit. What do you think?

Also, side note:  I don't know if I had forgotten or never knew that J.J. Abrams wrote "Regarding Henry". I mean I knew at the time it was written by a really young kid but I'm not sure I ever put the two things together. The man is a genius! 


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