A 17-year-old from Poestenkill ended up with a court date after he punched a hole in the wall of an unnamed store in Rensselaer County.

Scott M. Sawyer, Jr.
East Greenbush Police Department

The East Greenbush Police Department sent out a press release about a dissatisfied customer that was charged with Criminal Mischief Third Degree because of his actions.

Scott M. Sawyer, Jr. of Poestenkill allegedly yelled obscenities at some of the employees of the store, put his fist through a sheetrock wall and stormed out of the store, because he couldn’t get his money back for an electronics device that he bought from the store. Because Sawyer used the device and ‘energized’ it, the store’s policy wouldn’t allow for the return of the item. Sawyer was identified through previous transactions that he made at the store. His court date was adjourned so he had time to get a lawyer.

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