We have all heard of the ugly Christmas or holiday sweater craze. Well now there's a new twist to this fun fashion trend. Is this something you would buy? I think we have all been invited to or at least seen an Ugly Christmas sweater. I have to admit, there was one year that I actually made my own. Now there is a company in Florida that has decided to create a twist to the ugly Christmas sweater. Not sure if it will catch on.

Get on Fleek

There are a few patterns to chose from including an elf, Santa and a Christmas pattern. You can also get a Hanukkah romper that features a menorah with "Let's Get Lit" on it. They aren't cheap, either. They sell for $139 but run deals for $99.

Call me crazy but I wouldn't spend that much on a dressy, nice outfit for the holidays. Would you buy one of these Ugly Christmas rompers?