There seems to be an app for everything. Well, now there's an app that can help your drive on the New York State Thruway safer and more efficient.

The new Thruway Authority app allows drivers to get traffic condition notifications in real-time. My first concern when I heard about this app was how could notifications to my phone be safe if I am driving? They thought of that too. There is a voice feature that is part of the new Thruway app.

This road app is different than the others. This is a real-time voice notification system that will give drivers information about weather conditions, road closures and more. Drivers would not have to physically look at their phones, it would automatically "say" the notification.

The app also allows you to report road issues, get roadside assistance, has a toll calculator and tells you where the next rest area is. The main concern in creating the app, according to the Thruway Authority, is to keep drivers informed while keeping their eyes on the road.

The Thruway Authority Mobile app is available for both Apple and Android users.

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