A 20-year-old Schenectady man was cruising over New York State Route 29 in Greenwich.


Nothing unusual about this except that he was allegedly driving about 60 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone. An officer from the Washington County Sheriff’s Department saw the speeding vehicle and pulled the man over.

When the officer went to talk to the driver, he smelled an odor coming from the car. It was something other than one of those car air fresheners. The officer detected the smell of marijuana. The man’s legal issues turned a little more serious than driving faster than the posted speed limit. Because of the pot odor, the officer did a little more investigating. He found four ounces of pot in the car. The marijuana was packaged so it could be sold.

The officer arrested Nueshaun Wilkerson, who ended up with one more legal issue. After he was arrested, he was searched by the authorities. During the search, something allegedly fell out of Wilkerson’s rolled up pant leg. According to police, it was a loaded .40 caliber handgun.

According to the story from WNYT, Wilkerson was remanded to the Washington County Jail. He was charged with Criminal Possession Of Marijuana and Criminal Possession Of A Weapon. There’s no word if he received a traffic ticket for speeding.