Well, this hit me in the heart. Just yesterday, I was talking to a friend about how I don't want to be a woman who looks back on my life and wishes I'd done things differently. I don't want to be that person so consumed by work and other obligations that I miss out on the precious moments with my husband and son.

Meet Wanda B. Goines, a mother of eight, grandmother of 15 and great-grandmother of four who has managed to bring me to tears.

Wanda is 92-years-old and knows that she doesn't have a whole lot of time left in her life, but she's found comfort in an absolutely beautiful and heart grabbing poem that she wrote about aging.

Wanda has been an artist all of her life, but it's taken 92 years, and the Internet, for her to finally get noticed. Her poem, called "The Gift Wrap & The Jewel," is all about what's really important – not the package that we come in, but the jewel that's inside each of us.

Wanda's caregiver, Kathryn Wilson took the video and told ABC News, "I just love it so much and I thought it should be broadcast for everyone else to enjoy." She adds, "She's a poet and an artist – she's so many amazing things. She is a pretty brilliant lady."

Brace yourself because she chokes up at the end. I did too.