It was announced this week that Friends will become an off Broadway musical in the fall. My 90's self is pretty excited about it, and it got me thinking how cool it would be if this is a new trend.

Friends the musical will feature songs like "The Ballad of Fat Monica", "How You Doin' Ladies?", and "We'll Always Be There For You". Of course they would have to have a few songs ode to smelly cat. I would go see this, would you?

Think about it, what if you could have any of your favorite 90's shows made into a musical. I think my first choice would be Roseanne. I'm all for musicals but they have to have a lot of humor. If they wanted to take on more serious issues then definitely 90210. I would totally see a singing Urkel in Family Matters or maybe if they made Full House into an off Broadway play.  I think they are on to something here. I would give it a chance.

Which 90's shows would you like to see made into an off Broadway show?

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