Tonight's massive $750 million dollar Powerball jackpot will send New Yorkers scrambling to get in on the action. Do you know about the luckiest place to buy tickets? If not, you should!

We've told you many times to get your lottery tickets at one of the ten Smokes 4 Less locations. Heck, it's just 70 miles or so south of Albany, I've driven a lot further for Chick-fil-A

Last month, when a Friday night Mega Millions jackpot soared over $1 billion bucks, we woke on a Saturday morning to learn that no one from the Capital Region hit the jackpot, BUT Smokes 4 Less had another big winner from their location in Newburgh.

Brian Cody
There were 14-second prize winners of $1M dollars nationwide - and once again, one of those tickets was sold at a Smokes 4 Less!  Unreal

There are literally a million places you can buy your lottery tickets across the country - not to mention an app that lets you buy a ticket and this was the second time in a week the Newburgh store popped a big winner.

Back on January 10, the Mega Million numbers were: 7, 13, 14, 15, and 18, and the Megaplier # was 9.  While there was no grand prize winner, there was one second-place $3M winner from the drawing and it was sold at Smokes 4 Less at 59 N. Plank Road in Newburgh

What's up with the "lucky" convenience store that sold the ticket called Smokes for Less?

There are a total of ten "Smokes 4 Less" convenience stores in New York and pound for pound, they have to be the luckiest store in New York - maybe even America.

To put it in perspective, there are roughly 450 Stewart's and Cumberland Farms stores in New York - not to mention tens of thousands of other outlets for people to buy their lotto tickets.

How many BIG winners have come from Smokes 4 Less stores in New York?

Smokes for Less had at least half a dozen or more massive payouts from either Mega, Powerball, or scratch-offs within the last year or so with big winners claiming prizes in January, February, and April of 2022, and two big winners this week to kick off 2023.

Photo: Google Maps
A woman walks into Smokes 4 Less with a dollar and a dream!

So, what's the deal with these "lucky" convenience stores about an hour south of Albany?

In late April we wrote about the store after learning it sold a piece of a $22M Powerball jackpot. That Powerball winner claimed $1M dollars for second place!

Photo: Google Maps
Smokes for Less in Newburgh - They've had a $1M winner and a $3M winner in Mega Millions just this month alone!

In November of 2022, the Daily Voice reported that a player struck it rich in the Hudson Valley by correctly hitting all the right numbers to win $1,000 a week for life!

The way I see it, if Powerball is worth playing, it's at least worth considering the short drive a few miles south of Albany to give yourself a possible shot at winning the seemingly impossible.

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