As I commented on a FB string with my story yesterday, I talked to a "countdown expert" who informed me that you can't count the day of an event in the countdown. LOL!

So using this strict guideline and some of my world famous "voodoo math" I have therefore concluded that there are 7 days left until WGNA Countryfest 2011 starring Superstar Miranda Lambert on Saturday, July 9th at the Altamont Fairgrounds. I'm ready to go there now! Tickets are available at Hannaford Supermarkets and Sunmark Federal Credit Union locations for $35 . They will be $45 at the gate, if any are left on the day of the show. Listen to Country 107.7, WGNA-FM for updates. Do the smart thing, and don't take chances. Get your tickets now, and save $10 bucks and more importantly make sure you will be at the show. Get informed on all the WGNA Countryfest 2011 info, directions, rules, parking info and more here.

I want give a "shout out" to some great fans like Dory who emailed me that she has her tickets and will be heading down for the show from Copenhagen, New York just south of Watertown and Dale who emailed me from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania (which the NBC comedy "The Office" is based in) to tell me that he got his tickets early this year and will be making the run up I-88 with 6 big fans for the show.  Country star and legend John Micahel Montgomery will be one of the stars on the show. He has sold over 30 million albums and is the big brother of Eddie Montgomery from Montgomery Gentry. Country music runs deep in this family. Here's one of his greatest hits now to get you ready for Countryfest 2011, just 7 short days away with WGNA. This is his powerful, heart stirring song "The Little Girl".