It's true that we're all living busy lives. Quite possibly busier than any generation before us and with that it's hard to find the time for everything. However, there is always time for Mom! Mother's Day is coming up this

Sunday and you can't forget to treat Mom like the Queen she is! I like to think outside of the box when it comes to gift giving, especially for my parents because it seems like they have everything they want and/or need. Maybe they're just simple folk, whatever the case, I have to get creative. Thankfully, as I've been told, I'm pretty good at it! So, let me help you!

Depending on your budget, I have something on this list that can be for just about anyone:

  • Country Shows - Does Mom have a favorite musician that's coming to the Capital Region that she'd love to see live? I love giving experiences and concerts are one of the best to give the gift of. Find out who's coming on our concert calendar.
  • Broadway/Musical Performance - You don't have to go to a big city to get a big city show. Freckleface Strawberry the Musical, Seusical the Musical and even The Purple Experience are all coming to The Palace Theatre in the coming months.
  • Comedy - I'm obviously starting off this list with the big stuff, but also the fun stuff. We have a couple comedy clubs locally that always have shows going on: The Funny Bone and The Comedy Works.
  • Get Crafty - Does Mom have a favorite picture of her and her kids? Do something special with it. Get a nice frame, get it blown up, put it on a blanket for her. She'll cherish it even more! Walgreens and Wal-Mart both have amazing and reasonably priced options to make these ideas come to life!
  • Jewelry - I'm sure this seems like a given or a go-to, but it's the thought that you put in it that'll make it special. Hit up Maggies Gift Shop and find an Alex & Ani bracelet or a Mantra Band that fits Mom's personality or favorite activities.
  • Create an All About Mom Day - These are the types of things Moms love! Whether you're just taking her to lunch and a movie, allowing a little pampering with a mani/pedi, participating in her favorite hobby or having a fun time with boardgames, Mom's love the time with you that they used to have all of the time. These days, our lives can be so busy we barely have time to breathe. Making a day all about Mom is the best gift you can give!


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