Did your kids get into the #518RainbowHunt back in the spring? It is taking on a new theme for the holiday season.

When the pandemic first started, so did the #518rainbowhunt. It was some socially distant fun that kids could take part in by decorating their homes with a rainbow somewhere, and in turn hunting for rainbows on other homes in the Capital Region.The game itself went viral with the Facebook group gaining a huge following. Now the game is taking a new twist for the winter months.

According to a Daily Gazette story, the #518rainbowhunt creator is shifting to #518snowflakehunt for the season. Krysten Dayter, one of the organizers of the rainbow hunt Facebook group, told the Gazette "By popular demand, we are renewing our hunt to give everyone something to do on those cold, snowy days." So basically, to get involved just decorate your home in some manner with snowflakes, and then the kids can join in the fun by hunting for them at other homes in the 518.

Amidst the pandemic, I know for our kids the rainbow hunt became a fun distraction in our Clifton Park neighborhood. Without our usual level of social interaction with others, it became a fun way for our kids to play a game with others. While the circumstances are not normal, the thrill of the hunt and participating in something with others was a little bit of normalcy for the kids. And pandemic or no pandemic, this is just a fun way for the kids to get into the spirit of the season. Who doesn't love seeing snowflakes?

The rainbow hunt group also updated their Facebook page with the post below:

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