If you have ever watched, "The Doctors" on TV,  then you are probably familiar with Dr. Travis Stork. Recently, Prevention.com extrapolated some of the tips for weight loss that he gives in his book, "The Lean Belly Prescription".  Clearly your not actually going to get thinner in ten seconds, but he does give some tips that only take ten seconds that can help you lose weight in general.


1. Ruin your appetite. This one is pretty simple to remember and to do. If you drink two glasses of water before you eat, you will feel more full and you wont eat as much. Surprisingly this could drop your caloric intake as much as 20%.

2.Eliminate added sugar. Not just the added sugar you put on your cereal  or in your coffee though those are easy things to cut out. Be aware of the added sugars in the things you buy and consume, some of the the biggest culprits are soda, baked goods, fruit drinks and candy.

3. Eat before you eat. Lots of people when they know they are going out to eat will "make room for the dinner" by not eating much all day. You could use this one everyday but I think when you know your going out to eat that night its very important, eat a snack high in protein a few hours before your meal. Like a small yogurt, or a whole grained cereal.


4. Sign up for a 5k. According to a study at the University of Michigan, your more likely to stick to a work out or exercise program if you have a goal. Having a "reason" to exercise will more likely keep you on track.

5. Eat Spicy Foods. I think this one is my favorite maybe because its so simple or maybe because I do love hot foods. Apparently,  the stuff that makes chillies hot, it's called capsaicin, speeds up the metabolism. One tablespoon of red or green chillies can boost your metabolism by up to 23%.


There is much more to be found at the links I provided above for Prevention.com and the link for Dr. Stork's book "The Lean Belly Prescription. I will continue to keep an eye out for heath and weight loss tips if you are all interested. Good Luck and God Bless.

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