Most people think they deserve a raise. Frankly, I'm no exception!

But, like most people, I'm not about to ask for one anytime soon, because that's probably the worst thing you'll ever have to do! OK, maybe I'm exaggerating. But still, ew!

Eighty nine percent of people in a recent survey said that they deserve a raise! But only 54% of people plan on asking for one in the next year! Why? 'Cause it sucks!

Here are five things that you'd probably rather do than ask for a raise:

1. 32% would rather clean their house than ask for more money. And I'll agree! Heck, I'll even clean your house, too!

2. 13% would rather look for a new job. Ha!

3. 7% would rather get a root canal. Well, I recently had one of those, and, I'm not sure about that one!

4. And 6% would rather be audited by the IRS. Sure, seems legit.

5. Shut up and keep working for peanuts. Which evidently 46% of us will be doing for the next year! But, tomorrow's payday! #blessed

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